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I wish people would understand that no matter what dA does, not everyone will be pleased. If they didn't do anything at all, people will complain about an inactive staff. Let dA do it's thing. They made this site for us, so at least give them some opened minded reasonable thinking and some god damn respect. 
So worried about college... I have an interview in two days (; v  ; )
This is one the concentrations projects I did for my AP art studio class. This is number four of my concentration topic of "coffee." It suppose to depict the difference between two very common drinks in the coffee world, a latte and a cappuccino... WHICH I SPELLED WRONG OMFG I JUST REALIZED THAT HOW WHAT I CAN'T---
Hi everyone, how's it goin? I've been going to NYC more frequently and find that I love city life butt tons.

I wish i could be a full time leg model. Or foot model. Either one. Though, I wouldn't want to be a hand model because then I probably wouldn't be able to do many things I do now because I'd be too afraid of damaging my hands and then potentially having my career be ruined!

That was just a little spontaneous thinking right there. It's probably because lately I've been dreading the college process and just denying that the career choice i'm set on is sorta slim.

I mean, nothing is set in stone, but I hate thinking that the thing you have in mind for yourself may end up not working out, and then you end up in an entirely different field than what you originally thought of. So for your whole high school+ life, you've been contemplating and stressing over something that ended up never coming true. 

I can't vouch for the experience yet, but if it ends up happening, i can say I told myself. 
I don't want to write a college essay. 
I don't even want to do my AP art projects.

One of the topics is "life without art/ life is better with art," and that seems so easy, but I just keep thinking 'I have all summer.' But summer is practically over. I literally worked all summer and didn't complete not even half of the creative projects i wanted to. 

Can this be my collage essay? Can I just tell these schools how it is? That I just want to skip all the high school bullshit and just go to college and learn the things that will be relevant to my life? That I rather have a full conversation with the admissions officer so zhe will get an actual glimpse of who I am and not who I'm trying to impress?
It's so hard trying to sell yourself to something you need to buy.

Good luck to all of you who might be going through the same process. Applying to college couldn't be more stressful. 
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United States

Hi c:
I'm yay/nay/nene/naynay/nami.
My whole life revolves around these things that I love:

- cute anything
- animals
- electronic music
- lolita fashion
- bjds
- super heroes
- vocaloid
- food is medicine

I'm also working on being a vocaloid producer! My youtube is Vocaloidluffer and I have originals and vocaloid related thing there. I update with vocaloid news and post tutorials occasionally.

My goal for art is to be good enough for an artist's alley at a convention one day c:
My goal for music is to a successful vocaloid producer and have my career be a sound engineer.
Please support me by subscribing to my music and art<3…

Tambien puedo hablar español :la:

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